In-House Gemstone/Diamond Identification Report
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Natural Gems Only:

100% Earth Mined

No Synthetics, No Simulants

Full Disclosure of Any Treatments

MM size is the best measurement to select the right gemstone size. All gem carat weights are approximate.

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In-House Gemstone/Diamond Identification Report

Our In-house Gemstone/Diamond Identification Report is available for any of our gemstones. You can order the certificate ($19 each stone) by adding it to your cart along with your gemstone/diamond order. After you checkout, just send us a brief message indicating which gemstone you would like to have us certify. This certificate will be included with your gemstone/diamond and contains a color picture of the gemstone, a brief summary of its physical properties, including a description of the stone's particular qualitative and quantitative characteristics. Indications of treatments and probable origin are also included.

Your gemstone/diamond described in the In-house Gemstone/Diamond Identification Report is based upon inspection, using gemological instrumentation that may have been used at the time of examination including but not limited to: 10x binocular microscope, ultraviolet lamp, millimeter gauge, hydrostatic gauge, hydrostatic scale, electronic carat balance, refractometer, polariscope and spectrometer.



100% satisfaction guaranteed. We back this gemstone with a no questions asked 30 day return policy.